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Innovate/ Logo Competition

We ran a competition to design the logo for TSW and we received several entries from the Innovate Programme.

Their youth project, the Innovate Project, is an EOTAS provision that specifically caters for vulnerable young people who have social and emotional difficulties, and who are currently disengaged from mainstream education.

Alex Taylor-Madey, age 14
‘Stress to me is like being trapped, like being in hand-cuffs and trying to get free’


Lola Roberts, age 15
'Traumatic stress to me is like carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders on your own with no support, when all you want is help’


Jordan Mason, age 16
‘My stress design is about a person feeling like they carrying a big boulder, and at any moment you can drop it can cause more pain if you don’t get the help you need’


Kingston Bright, age 16
'My design is about feeling stressed.  It’s like you are hanging on a giant brick wall and trying hard to climb over it and overcome the stress feeling’


Jamaine Ford, age 16
'Traumatic stress to me means feeling on your own and trapped, like being in a deep hole waiting for someone to pull you out and set you free.  The NHS can help support you and point you in the right direction to get the help you need’


Some other designs that were entered: