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Prison and Criminal Justice


The Prison and Criminal Justice Workstream is leading on the development of an effective trauma care pathway, for people who are in the criminal justice system or custody within Wales. Up to 90% of people within prison or the criminal justice system have experienced childhood abuse or trauma. However, they face multiple barriers to accessing effective treatments for traumatic stress.

The workstream is comprised of people who work within the prisons in Wales and the new women’s residential unit, as well as the probation service, health services, voluntary sectors and public health. The workstream will build capacity within prisons to identify and assess traumatic stress, and to increase access to effective psychological therapies. It will support the training of frontline staff in trauma-enhanced practice, and will support effective transitions back into community services. The workstream will also develop research links to ensure that the pathway is evaluated.

Further information on the work of the assessment and outcomes workstream will be published on this page as it becomes available.