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Funded by Welsh Government, the National Centre for Mental Health (NCMH) is one of Health and Care Research Wales’ national research centres.  NCMH brings together world-leading researchers from Cardiff, Swansea and Bangor Universities to learn more about what causes mental health problems, from our environment and life experiences to our genetics and biological makeup.  NCMH aims to help improve diagnosis, treatment and support for the millions of people affected by mental ill-health every year, as well as tackle the stigma faced by many.

Cardiff University’s Traumatic Stress Research Group is part of NCMH and PTSD and CPTSD are two of the core conditions that NCMH research is focused on.  Traumatic Stress Wales is linking closely with NCMH to ensure research and development is a central pillar of the initiative.  People with PTSD and CPTSD presenting to NHS services in Wales will be routinely invited to join the NCMH and contribute to a greater understanding of the nature and causes of PTSD and CPTSD and the development of new treatments.  This will also allow people with PTSD and CPTSD across Wales to become aware of and be offered the opportunity to take part in research trials, for example of novel interventions that have the potential to improve outcomes.