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TSW Prescribing Algorithm

The Cardiff PTSD Prescribing Algorithm has now been updated and renamed the Traumatic Stress Wales PTSD Prescribing Algorithm to recognise that it is an All-Wales document that can be incorporated into Primary and Secondary Care pharmacological pathways in every Health Board across Wales.

This version includes newer guidance on which steps of the algorithm are more appropriate for Primary or Secondary Care to initiate, when to consider referral on to Secondary services, clear guidance on what is a licensed or unlicensed indication, new guidance on initiating the Prazosin alternative medication, Doxazosin, to address the sporadic global supply issues with Prazosin, and the addition of the Quetiapine monotherapy option being augmented by Prazosin or Doxazosin,

We have looked at the most up to date systematic reviews and meta-analyses to discover that there are no new evidence-based medications that we can recommend in the treatment of PTSD, but give new guidance on the preferred avoidance of benzodiazepines where possible, which have been shown to worsen the prognosis of developing PTSD in traumatised individuals.

Link to new PDF: TSW Prescribing Algorithm PDF - All Wales Traumatic Stress Quality Improvement Ini (