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Children and Young People

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We know that experiencing or witnessing traumatic event(s) is common and that this can have a lasting, negative impact on the health and wellbeing of infants, children, teenagers and adults.
However, recovery is possible and our website and service are here to support and guide you through that recovery process.
What does TSW want to achieve?

Our aims:

  • Improve public awareness about trauma and the impact of trauma on people of all ages.
  • Improve our ability to recognize the symptoms of ‘traumatic stress’ in all ages.
  • TSW wants to give the hopeful message that recovery from traumatic stress is common and possible.
  • Create helpful resources for individuals to build resilience.
  • Create helpful resources for parents, carers, Professionals and frontline workers who can help with the healing process.
  • Develop training for Professionals so that anyone who needs specialist trauma help is able to access this and the specialist treatment they receive is effective (according to recent research and guidelines).
  • TSW wants to make sure that the resources and the information provided is clear, up to date , accurate and helpful.

How does TSW plan to achieve these aims?

  • Create and develop all aspects of the initiative in partnership with other organisations and agencies across wales so that our thinking and how we develop services and resources is ‘joined up’.
  • The resources will be developed with people (of all ages) who have a personal experience of trauma and traumatic stress so that we make sure that the resources are helpful, relevant and are easy to access.
  • Develop a website (for all ages) with information, resources and advice about when and how to get help and support for yourself or for someone else.
  • When someone needs specialist trauma support, TSW wants to make sure that what treatment is  provided is helpful, effective and based on the most up to date and current research. It is important therefore to keep data that measures how satisfied people are with the service they receive, to record personal goals and any change in traumatic stress symptoms. This will help TSW to continue to develop and shape trauma services and inform best practice in the future.