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Refugees and Asylum Seekers

The refugee and asylum seeker (People Seeking Sanctuary) workstream​ has been developed to  improve access to high-quality mental health support for forced migrants who have experienced traumatic events. Research has indicated that refugees and asylum seekers are at increased risk of experiencing mental health challenges such as PTSD as a result of the experiences that they have had to endure in their country-of-origin (e.g. war, poverty, displacement, bereavement, torture), in-flight (e.g. further exploitation) and in resettlement in country-of-arrival (e.g. hostility from host-community). Multiple barriers for this population in accessing mental health support have been identified.

TSW have been collaborating with the Welsh Government on the development and translation of a variety of resources that are relevant for people working with people seeking sanctuary in Wales. This includes the translation of a National Centre for Mental Health Toolkit for people who have been exposed to traumatic events, and a Call Help leaflet. It also includes the development of a list of resources for people who have been specifically impacted by the situation in Ukraine. These resources can be found at this link: Useful Resources

Professor Jonathan Bisson has recently filmed a talk for mental health professionals working in Ukraine on early intervention following traumatic events, that can be viewed below: 

People with lived experience, as well as colleagues across the public and voluntary sectors we ​​are ​improving access to effective and evidence-based therapies for people who have experienced traumatic events, developing a network for sharing good-practice, supporting the creation of culturally-applicable and co-produced resources and training for staff supporting this population, and ​supporting the development of a trauma pathway ​underpinned by the principles of trauma-informed care.

Further information on the work of the assessment and outcomes workstream will be published on this page as it becomes available.